A Story To Tell

The story of John Daly is unique. From a high ranking officer in a neo-Nazi organization to Israeli Knesset candidate, this could only happen in Hollywood, but yet, it is the life of John Daly.

Not knowing John was Jewish, he was recruited into a national Skinhead organization while in high school. After rising through the ranks, his true identity was discovered. Brutally beaten and left for dead after being drowned in the Atlantic Ocean, he only just miraculously survived and was able to give evidence against the organization’s leaders. Currently his story is being developed into a graphic novel.

To escape constant death threats, John moved to Israel in 1997, settling in Ashkelon, a small town on the Mediterranean Sea. John completed his Bachelor of Arts and Masters Degree, all studies in Hebrew. 

John has made numerous trips to the United States and other countries as a motivational speaker, sharing his story and helping others to learn that they can make a difference. In 2009, he entered into national elections for the Israeli Knesset as a member of a small political party focusing on electoral reform. Later that year, John was diagnosed with brain cancer, at which point he had to cease his public speaking and international speaking tours.

Since then John, has undergone three ‘awake’ brain surgeries, first in 2009, second 2014, third 2021.  Despite his surgeries, he returned to motivational speaking, visiting many European countries as well as lecturing in India and Nepal (September 2016) and a number of North American speaking tours.

John has spoken before small groups and to audiences of thousands at schools, churches, synagogues and universities. John is uniquely qualified in bringing together people in conflict to hear his story: Arabs and Jews in Israel, Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. European teachers have had him tell his story to mixed assemblies of Roman Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Humanist classes.

For many years, John has spoken in any venue to help people grasp hope, fearlessly sharing his story wherever invited and giving interviews to local and international media. As a motivational speaker, he wants to challenge people to fight for change, to accept one another, to make a difference in their communities and make our world a better place. 

In today’s times of increasing violence, intolerance and hate, John knows that each time he gets on a plane, he might be murdered by the racist groups that still seek to end his life, but he knows his work must be done. If we don’t speak up – who will?

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