Special Art Project

Easily the BEST ‘advertisement’ of what I am fortunate to do.
A story of hope

As per the website: This painting made by the founder of MR SEPPE consists of four main elements. At the left side of the painting you’ll find John Daly. John was forcibly recruited into one of the biggest neo-Nazi organisations in America, at the age of 16. What they did not know was that John was Jewish. Once they found out about his secret, John had to die. In the upper right corner you’ll see his body floating after being relentlessly beaten, drowned and left for dead in the Atlantic Ocean. That brutal attempt to take away his life led to a slow bleed in his brain. And years later, they discovered that John had developed a brain tumor. The surgeries that followed removed in John the ability to play any music. But after finding a revised Nazi Saxophone, John decided to do the impossible. He learned to play. The circle around John his head stands for ‘God’s protection, because John his story is a clear example on how hardship can be turned into a blessing.’ In the middle part you see the endless hallway of the concentration camp in Terezin. More than 150,000 Jews were sent to that camp. In remembrance of those who are lost MR SEPPE painted the streaks around John and next to the kids, for they are going to heaven, they are going back home. The song that John learned to play came from the Jewish composer George Geschwin, where the lyrics go: “Come to papa, come to papa do My sweet embraceable you” The last element of the painting is a part of the statues of Yad Vashem. In the middle you see Janusz Korczak, who ran an orphanage in the Warsaw ghetto, and although he didn’t have to go, he went to Treblinka with the 200 children in his care when they came to arrest them. The physical statue that is part of the the Yad Vashem Art Collection has one arm, because he could not completely protect them. Underneath the kids you’ll see “unfinished” pencil drawings, that stands for us never being finished for fighting against any kind of hatred in the world.

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